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FB_IMG_1455457039984It’s time to take back control of your life. Why live by CHANCE when you can live on purpose.

My ideal clients are women leaders in ministry and business. Most of my clients are called to the marketplace and use their faith as a guide in their personal and professional lives. 


To educate and equip women of faith to strengthen their relationships with family, faith and their desire to build a successful business.  As  women of faith we struggle at times trying to balance living our truth, desire for success and living out our Christian values. You need a life strategy to balance faith, family and business. It starts with building a healthy foundation in every area of your life. You need to be able to ask for help knowing that a healthy support system will help you stabilize your life.


Some of my clients need me to walk with them through a difficult emotional time. They want to learn how to let go and embrace those things that serve a purpose. Taking personal responsibility is the first step in moving forward to a more healthier way of thinking and being.

Others have limiting beliefs which block them from finding success in business. Confronting fear of success helps these clients move forward to a healthier professional life. I teach my clients how to move past the barriers of living a compartmentalized life to living a whole life. 


My clients to design their lives in 5 core areas to live a more balanced life including professional, personal, relationships, social and spiritual, My coaching style is as a teacher, mentor, and coach. Using these strategies helps my clients to utilize all of my skillset for their development. I value my time and yours. I use tools and strategies that maximize our time together. I am here to produce results. 

My clients are heart-centered leaders, who need someone will hold them accountable, to help them create balance in their lives, and guide them on the path to achieving their goals and dreams. Programs include 3, 6 and 9-month,  include scaled pricing for extended credit terms.  For more information on products and services click here.  To request a FREE 20-minute success call with Carla…click ⇒ Contact Me.  

Your Life Strategist,

Carla D. Youngblood

Client testimonial:

Carla’s course was extremely instrumental in releasing baggage and building a foundation to having healthy relationships whether it be a significant other, parent and child, boss and co-worker, or just friendships/sibling, relationships.

I believe the course “Releasing Relationship Baggage would definitely help other mothers. A mother is a child’s first teacher and has the most impact on children.  We are models for our children. The way they perceive our interactions with those we are in relationships with is major! The course will help a mother to identify, acknowledge, and change the problem issues in her relationships. Then she can not only have healthy relationships with others but she is also modeling to her children how to have healthy relationships”. —MMann

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