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Emotions of the Mind

Lay down your pain

At some point you have to lay your pain down. Carrying it around from place to place can become burdensome. It can be a weight that holds you hostage and keeps you locked in a past that stagnates your present and  future.
For 30 years I carried the weight of journals i have written about my life. I was sure they would be the story I would write. After a visitation from God and instructions for moving forward I had to release the weight of living. As i moved from house to house, state to state my pain travelled with me. It became a badge of honor I wore.  It  was not until I was instructed to let it that I realized the weight of the words written in my journals. Words are not just written on paper they are etched on our lives. There is power in the written word. You must decide what part of the word your story is to be written in. The point of followers of Christ is that your story brings him glory.
If I only tell you my story so you can identify with me then I missed the reason for having a story. My story is always for his glory. It’s told for the main character to receive glory. Im not the main character in my story. I was the stunt person taking the hits and blows. The main character is the one who gets the credit, he is the one whose name will be seen on the screen in my life.
If my story doesn’t lead you to him then my story is in vain.
Emotions of the Mind


Life has become so filled with distractions that you must work to stay focused on what YOU should be doing. We are so busy doing that we have no clue about what it means to BE. The more singular you become in your focus the more you see the need to be single focused. The distractions come in so many forms and shapes that if it were possible even the most focused of us would lose sight. When you choose to grab a hold of the God-given goal, you must become very selective about how you go about doing what you do. You can ill afford to trust the vision to anyone who is not on the path that you have been called to walk on.
To be singular focus requires the fruit of the spirit. The temperance and self-control you need are designed to create a disciplined life in you that far exceeds the pressure from others to cause you to over expose yourself. Everything wants you to lose your sense of self-control. When you do life will question why you lost control. The further I go into the place of discipline the more enlightened I have become. It is because when your eyes become fixated on a higher purpose for your life, you desire moe of the thing that causes you to focus on YOUR life.
We as a society have become so undisciplined in how we live our lives; that we no longer appreciate that which is controlled. We no longer appreciate people keeping things to themselves, but rather we choose to share everything and wonder why we end up with very little we value in our lives.
It is no mystery, when you lack discipline and self-control you open yourself up to the very things you are trying to avoid, LIFE’S DISTRACTIONS.