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My 1 on 1 Designing Your Life coaching program is designed for women leaders in business and ministry. My clients are women who are at a cross road in their business/ministry and need to reshape how they move forward. We focus on 5 core areas of development personal, professional, spiritual, relational and social. Clients develop a personal Designing Your life map to guide them on the path to creating the life they envision for themselves. Clients learn the importance of creating a vision board and developing a healthy self-care routine during the program.

Packages include  3, 6 and 9-month programs and include scaled pricing for extended credit terms.

Sessions are 30 -60 minutes and include weekly assignments. Schedule a FREE 20-minute success call here.


Women in Leadership Retreat


I host events for women in leadership who need to retreat to a  place where they can be restored and rejuvenated after serving others. My experience has given me insight into the necessity of meeting the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of women leaders who serve others. It’s easy to become so busy taking care of others that you FORGET the importance of taking care of yourself. Every woman needs time to get away and take personal time for her self.  This time must be incorporated into a woman leaders lifestyle.

Coming  in 2018- Carla Cares- Self-care subscription kit for women leaders.


Health and Wellness

Marketplace ministry events include speaking and vending products designed to help enhance the lives of women, spiritually, emotionally and physically.  Some of my topics include Vision Boards, Emotions Health- Understanding Emotional Triggers, Conflict Resolution, team building and more. Workshops can be designed to fit your client’s needs.

Other speaking and training includes:15-week Character Education for Youth, 6 Week Empowerment training for women,

Team building training for small businesses and non-profits

For a list of the topics and to schedule an event click here.

First Generation program

My college workshop is designed for first generation students.  These students face limiting belief systems based on their family dynamics and community pressure. Students share stories of pressure to drop out of school. They are often bullied and put down because of their desire to change their future. I work with these students to give them tools for how to stand strong in their personal convictions for something better for themselves. Empowerment sessions focus on health and wellness, creating healthy relationships and personal development. Need a speaker for your college/high school event click here.

Empowerment Sessions for women

Once a month I worked to empower women in the Women’s Rap group sessionsInspiration promo at Mosaic Inc., in Baltimore. Mosaic offers a range of programs and services to help individuals with mental illness or substance use deal with both long-term, chronic issues as well as crisis situations.

I have had the pleasure of working with a small group of 25 women for 4 years in the Women;s Rap program. The workshops were designed to empower women through conversations about real life issues and supply them with tools for how to redesign your life after a setback.

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My first book, “Inspiration for Life” is a collection of nine (9) months of outstanding text messages a request from my readers created not just to encourage, motivate, and inspire people on my phone list but to also act as a building tool for creating a wonderful life irrespective of your past. Initially, it was never intended to be a book, but after so many great testimonies and requests from my readers to make it available to everybody. I decided to share this knowledge with a larger audience.

My second book, Emotions of the Mind” is the first in a series of book from my Simply Carla Series. It was written to share my own personal journey of mind renewal in order to gain control over my life after my divorce. A lot of life’s battles are fought in our mind, if you can win the battle of the mind, you can win all. It is necessary to guard up your mind against anything or experience that will drain you of your potentials because whatsoever goes on in the mind will always materialize no matter how we try to hide from it. Your state of mind or mindset is pivotal to living a fulfilled life. I knew unless I set my mind right, I’d repeat the same behavior moving forward.

My third book ‘’Releasing Relationship Baggage’’ speaks to how our relationships have a great impact on us whether it is good or bad that is, we all need to know how to enhance our lives by making sure our relationship doesn’t affect us negatively. This book is vital and a must read for everyone out there. The book is designed to assist you in seeing that every relationship irrespective of what kind it is; Family, Personal or Professional leaves a bit of baggage with us. The key is discovering how to differentiate between the baggage that makes us grow from the baggage that no longer serves its purpose. Furthermore, this book helps us to develop strategies for how to let go. I hope these books help you the reader to find clarity for your spirit, soul, and body just the way they have helped me and the people around me.

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